Project Description

Bespoke chemical storage tanks installed for commercial client in Port Talbot


Tankology were asked to visit to provide a cost for removing 2 existing above ground chemical storage tanks. These were part of a group of 4 that had become unusable due to their age.

The tank removal would not be a straight forward job as there was no access to the bunded area. This was because they were surrounded by the 2 other tanks and steel walkways around the perimeter as well as a 1.2m high concrete wall.

Works completed

We commenced works to remove the 2 tanks with a mobile crane. The existing tanks were to be disposed of by the client. Our equipment was lifted inside the bund once the first 2 chemical storage tanks were removed.

We had to remove the existing tank supports to then create new concrete plinths for the new tanks to sit on. Whilst removing the existing supports we discovered that the base of the bund had deteriorated substantially over the years.

After consulting with the client it was agreed that we would remove the 3rd tank only but not the the 4th. That then enabled us to bring in larger machinery to carry out a partial renewal of the base.

On removing the 3rd tank it was deemed that that the bund was in need of renewal as the base again once removed was in a poor condition. We then had a waiting period whilst new drawings were produced. In addition underground drill samples were conducted to determine the type of foundations that would be required.

The 4th tank was removed and the whole of the existing bund was demolished, all the concrete was recycled on site for new sub-base. The new bund was created using concrete & steel reinforcement (approximately 40 tons of steel) utilising formwork to create the new walls and plinths.

Once the bund was complete and the concrete allowed to cure, we then lifted 4 x 11,000 litre new tanks into position with the ability to add a further 2 tanks at a later date if required. This was done in conjunction with the ancillary works required to operate the tanks.


The client’s original brief was could not be delivered as it wouldn’t have been suitable for their needs. Due to various issues the overall cost increased significantly. However, the new bund has created a secure area which will last for a long time to come.

The client has benefited as they have now increase production & storage which in-turn has led to increased profit. The initial investment has not only been good for the environment but has also helped to cover the increased costs in a short period of time.

Project details

Port Talbot

Client type

Installation type
Chemical tanks

Tanks used
Bespoke storage tanks pre-fabricated to specifications set out by the client.

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