Project Description

Domestic septic tank replaced with sewage treatment plant for client in Newport


Renew old home septic tank that was no longer fit for purpose and replace with a Vortex 9 person sewage treatment tank. This was for a domestic client based in Newport, Gwent.

Works completed

The original scope of works changed once we started on site, as the client wanted to renew some sections of underground pipework. Additionally, new sections to connect a planned house extension were planned for the following year.

The new treatment tank was to discharge into the nearby reen after the necessary permissions had been granted by the relevant authorities.

Due to the location of the site the invert levels were very shallow to the ground level. Care was taken to ensure that we could achieve the necessary falls to the pipework as we had very little margin for error.

Once excavation commenced, we had a demanding dig as the ground was of blue clay which because it was wet stuck heavily to our equipment. Whilst installing the tank we had to constantly pump water from the ground to enable us to instal the required concrete surround.

Due to the depth of the outlet pipe we installed a new outlet pump to the tank as we were unable to achieve the required outlet into the reen, in conjunction with the pump an alarm was fitted so that if the pump failed in the future, it would alert the client in the house.

The existing septic tank was left in place whilst the works were carried out. Only once all the new treatment tank installation had been connected was the old tank decommissioned.

We agreed with the client that due to the time of year, garden reinstatement would be carried out the following spring. The client was so happy with the service we provided they also offered Tankology groundworks and associated works for their new extension.

Project details


Client type

Installation type
Sewage treatment plant

Tank used
Vortex sewage treatment plant 9

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