Project Description

Septic tanks replaced with sewage treatment plant for client in Gower, Swansea


Replace the existing septic tank installation with a dedicated sewage treatment plant, serving 3 properties. The properties consisted of the client accommodation and 2 Air B&B rental properties. On this occasion the tank location was at a higher level than the pipe inlet levels so this meant extra earthworks were required.

We needed to reduce the area to enable a standard waste treatment tank to be used. We had a tight timescale as the client had guests staying in the properties the day before we started and then new arrivals 14 days later.

Scope of works

Tankology operatives stayed on site for this project as we carried out the works during a quiet time of year for the rental properties. The tank installed on this project was a Vortex 12 person sewage treatment plant, this is an adjustable tank so that when the rental properties are not in use the compressor energy consumption can be reduced saving costs.

On commencement of the new tank excavation hole, it was discovered that for around 1.5m deep there was rock. As in all quotations we make the client aware that there could be extra costs for such circumstances. After removing the rock, we installed the new tank along with new sections of underground pipework.

All the materials were brought in across a field which was approximately 350m from the drop off point, this created logistical issues as we carried out the works in the middle of winter, along with having to take care with sheep and horses in the field.

Once the works had been completed, we reinstated the garden area ready for top soil in the following Spring, and made sure that the fields were left with no deep ruts where the animals could possibly injure themselves.

We removed / reused approximately 100 ton of material from this project during the course of the works.

Project details

Gower, Swansea

Client type

Installation type
Sewage treatment plant

Tank used
Vortex Sewage Treatment Plant 12

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