Septic tank installation Newport, Gwent

Do you live in Newport, Gwent or the surrounding area and require a septic tank installed? Perhaps you need your existing sewage treatment system replaced? Tankology are experts in this field. We provide fully compliant septic tank installation services and soakaway systems to both homes and businesses in Newport and across South Wales.

Tankology are South Wales most prominent septic tank installation company for domestic and commercial clients. Located in Newport, Gwent, our team of engineers have decades of experience in the inspection, repair and installation of a myriad of septic tanks and sewage treatment systems.

We can install your pre-purchased septic tank, provide you with a turnkey solution or create a fully customised system to match your requirement. The systems we install efficiently treat and dispose of effluent and wastewater in an ecologically responsible manner.


Need help getting the ball rolling?

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to answer your questions.


Need help getting the ball rolling?

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to answer your questions.

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Septic tank installation Newport: What to expect

Our experts have simplified getting a new septic system or replacing your existing one. Here’s an overview of what to expect when you choose Tankology as your septic tank installation company Newport.

Understanding your domestic or commercial needs

We will first consult with you when installing any domestic or commercial septic tank installation. During this consultation process, we will determine the type of new septic tank that will suit your needs. For example, we usually visit your home or business to conduct a survey.

To understand your needs, we will look at several factors. For example, the possible population of the property or the planned amount of sewage and wastewater.

Percolation test for soakaway

All new septic tanks that are not connected to the mains require a drainage field or soakaway. As a result, if you have not yet completed it, you will need the results of a ground percolation test. Most notably, this test is completed before installation can go ahead. Additionally, you’ll also need to conduct a Groundwater Source Protection Zone search and Trial Site Assessment hole. We can deal with this for you if required.

Minimal disruption during installation

When we replace your old septic tank, we’ll usually cap it at the last minute before the new system in installed. Consequently, there will be minimal disruption to your household or business.

Compliance with off-mains drainage regulations

All new septic tanks must be connected to the mains or have a soakaway or drainage field. There are also a number of other regulations implemented by the Environment Agency Wales.

Every sewage treatment tank we install will be fully compliant with all the latest off-mains drainage regulations.

Frequently asked questions

Due to updates in legislation, all septic tanks in Wales and Scotland need to be registered with the Government Environment Agency. You can learn more about this on the Government website. We can assist you in this registration process should you require it.

Lead times will depend on whether we are installing an above ground or below ground septic tank system, the size of the tank and what sort of soakaway you require. Most installations are completed in 1 to 2 weeks.

Updates in Welsh legislation mean almost all septic tanks now require a drainage field. This is commonly called a soakaway. As a result, you will first need to complete a percolation test to ensure your land is compatible with installing one.