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Do you need a new septic tank installed? Perhaps you need your sewage treatment system replaced? Tankology are experts in this field. We provide fully compliant septic tank installation services to both domestic and commercial clients across South Wales.

Tankology are fast becoming South Wales most prominent septic tank installation company for residential and commercial clients. Our team of engineers have decades of experience, and are trusted experts in the inspection, repair and installing of a vast array of sewage treatment systems.

We can provide you with a turnkey solution or fully bespoke system for any size requirement. The systems we install will efficiently treat and dispose of effluent and wastewater discharge in an environmentally friendly manner.


Need help getting the ball rolling?

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to answer your questions.


Need help getting the ball rolling?

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to answer your questions.

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Here’s what to expect when we install your new septic tank and soakaway system

Our expert engineers have streamlined the process of installing a new septic system or replacing your old one. Here are a few important points that will pop-up when you choose Tankology as your installation company.

Understanding your home or business needs

With any home or commercial septic system installation we will consult with you first. During this consultation process we will discern the type of new septic system suitable for your needs. For instance, it’s not uncommon for us to visit to your home or business to conduct a survey.

When understanding your needs we will look at at number of factors. For example, the potential population size for the property or the projected volume of sewage and wastewater.

Percolation test for soakaway

All new septic systems not connected to the mains require a soakaway. As a result, if you haven’t already completed one, you’ll need the results of a ground percolation test. This vital test is completed in conjunction with a Groundwater Source Protection Zone search and Trial Site Assessment hole. We can take care of this for you if needed.

Minimal disruption during installation

If we are replacing your old septic system we’ll usually cap it at the last minute, just before the new system in installed. Consequently, there will be minimal disruption to your household or business.

Compliance with off-mains drainage regulations

All new septic system installations need to either be connected to the mains, or have a wastewater soakaway or drainage field. There are also a number of other regulations implemented by the Environment Agency Wales.

Every sewage treatment tank we install will be fully compliant with all the latest off-mains drainage regulations.

Frequently asked questions

Due to updates in legislation, all septic tanks in Wales and Scotland need to be registered with the Government Environment Agency. You can learn more about this on the Government website. We can assist you in this registration process should you require it.

Lead times will depend on whether we are installing an above ground or below ground septic tank system, the size of the tank and what sort of soakaway you require. Most installations are completed in 1 to 2 weeks.

It is recommended to maintain your tank once a every 3 months. You’ll also need to perform full maintenance at least once a year. Examples of maintenance can include servicing, cleaning, emptying and replacing filters. Contact us if you are unable to perform this duty yourself.

The costs incurred will depend on a number of factors. These include the size of the house or commercial premises, whether the installation is above or below ground, whether you require a soakaway drainage system and so on.

The website pricethisplease has estimated the average cost of a septic tank installation to be from £1500 to £3000. Tankology prices are based on individual requirements and are in line with industry expectations.

Updates in Welsh legislation mean almost all septic tanks now require a drainage field. This is commonly called a soakaway. As a result, you will first need to complete a percolation test to ensure your land is compatible with installing one.

Areas we cover in South Wales:

We provide septic tank and sewage treatment plant services to homes and businesses in South Wales.

  • Abertillery
  • Caerleon
  • Hay-on-Wye
  • Caldicot
  • Llanelli
  • Merthyr Tydfil
  • Pontardawe

Don’t see your area listed? Not to worry, if you’re in South Wales we’ve got you covered. Call us now on: 01633 246 688